Why store advertising is the best way to reach customers!

August 26, 2016

in store advertising
Relocating or shifting to a new area always comes with its own set of challenges. There are many things to deal with: new locality, new people, and so on. One of the first challenges is to get groceries so that the household is up and running even while the fixing and arranging is going on – sometimes, for weeks together.
A very important reason why people go grocery shopping at a supermarket is because almost everything is available under one roof and the amount of hunting around the locality for basic things is reduced considerably. Another interesting fact is that there are various deals, both at the supermarket as well as in and around the local area, through advertising in shopping carts, coupons and other in store advertising .
The first thing one does when one goes to a supermarket is to grab a shopping cart and keep it in front entire time while shopping, finally dropping it off near one’s vehicle. Store advertising on a shopping cart puts the name of a business/venture and its message in front of your potential client for almost an hour twice or thrice a week! This is key to providing your business repeat exposure for such a long time that is almost unattainable in any other advertising medium and which a customer cannot miss even if she/he tries.
A.C. Nielsen Company reports that Americans are 3 times more likely to visit a supermarket than anywhere else in their community.
Let’s talk numbers:

  • A supermarket spends around $20000 on advertising per location every week
  • An average household makes 2-3 visits per week to the supermarket and spends around 40-60 minutes at a shopping cart
  • It caters to over 9,600 households per store
  • On an average there are 80,000 monthly visits per store of which over 70% are female decision makers
  • 80,000 visits x 3 times per week that makes it 24,000 impressions!

With a network of thousands of supermarkets throughout the United States that has millions of shopping carts, store advertising has never been this effective. Advertising on local shopping carts will not only give your business the eyeballs that it needs to thousands of customers through the large number of impressions, but also help you gain new customers in the area.