Testimonial – 005

June 8, 2016

brain-seeseWe renew and reinvent our ads on Adcart constantly, which is what makes them the most effective external advertising by far. When someone moves to a new area, a dentist is not high on the to-do list, but a grocery store is. Seeing our ads repeatedly every time they shop brings in top-of-the-mind recall and allows them to keep us in mind when they actually need to make that dental appointment. Existing patients tell us that seeing the ad when they shop acts as a wake-up call sometimes and reminds them to book their follow-up appointments.

We even got an employee of Pepsi who stocks the shelves to become a patient because he said he saw our ad while he was working!

Adcart helps us keep our name out in the community. The displays are well designed and easy to see. I definitely would recommend it to any business.

-- Brian Seese June 8, 2016