Brand your business for a direct reach to people who live, work, and spend money within the local community.

Through our relationship with thousands of supermarkets, backed by 60+ years of experience, we have the expertise to leverage your business to gain maximum brand visibility.

HOW? – The answer is, Shopping Cart Branding Billboards!

We strategically place your ad on grocery shopping carts with our tried, tested, and patented method, giving you a powerful brand connect within your neighborhood.

Adcart places your business directly in front of 15,000-30,000 local shoppers every week, at your local supermarket.

Adcart provides you with exclusivity, meaning your business is the only of its type advertised to shoppers at the supermarket you select.

Adcart’s space is limited and is reserved quickly – we only brand 3-5 businesses per supermarket, so call us today at (877) 251-4592 to reserve your space!

Our Stores

We have partnered with prominent supermarket brands like Harris Teeter, Ingles, Tops, Marsh, Weis, ShopRite and many more, where businesses of any category or scale can reach their target audience.

How it works

Adcart is the most pocket-friendly advertising solution because it allows local businesses to piggyback on supermarket chains’ million dollar-advertising budgets for pennies on the dollar!

Supermarket shoppers visit their local supermarket store 2-3 times per week, spending an hour on average per visit.

Your business will have maximum visibility at your local supermarket by local shoppers multiple times a week, and it is this brand exposure that builds brand recognition for your business to locals who live, work, and spend money in your targeted geographic area.

How great is that!

It takes only 8 minutes to get your business out there through these simple steps:

  • Our ad expert visits and explains our program in an 8-minute presentation.
  • You fill out two forms for our designers to begin building your branding billboard. Alternatively, you can also choose or provide your own design.
  • A copy of the design is then sent for your approval.Once approved, your branding billboard is then processed for printing by our print department.
  • Our expert installers take your advertisement to your chosen supermarkets and install your branding billboard using our patented method. Our installers also maintain the billboards to ensure you always have a great looking ad.
  • Sit back! Your advertisement is live.

Call us today on (877) 251-4592 we have a supermarket near you that will build your Brand!