6 Helpful Tips to Effectively Market to New Movers

October 31, 2016

New moverApproximately 40 million people move in the United States each year according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That’s more than the entire population of California! New movers are big purchasers. When someone moves to a new home, they have to find new everything—new doctors, grocery stores, pharmacies, daycares, hospitals, etc. Targeting your advertising to new movers can grow your loyal customer base. New movers keep the same service providers and business relationships until their next move, which on average is every 6.5 years.

New Mover Statistics


-Most people move around major life event—starting a family, graduating school, beginning a new job, marriage, etc.

-Young adults between 18-34 are largest migrant group

-1 in 3 renters move annually

-An additional 2 million people immigrate to the U.S. legally each year

New movers spend an average of $9,000 on products and services during each move

What is the best way to market to New Movers?

Reaching new movers requires careful consideration and a well-planned marketing strategy. Because they are a special segment of the population, your messages must be targeted. There are two main routes to targeting your message to new movers: databases and strategic advertising.

Using Databases to Market to New Movers

Direct Mail marketing companies keep extensive databases containing detailed information about new residents—when they moved, cost of their house, family size, presence of pets, and presence of children. Through these databases, companies can market directly to this segment of the population through multiple channels, most commonly direct mail, but also through telephone marketing and email campaigns.

Direct Mail new mover campaigns send mailings to welcome residents right when they move. Most often, these mailings contain compelling offers and coupons. Research has shown that new movers are more responsive than non-movers to coupon incentives and advertising.

Using Strategic Advertising to Attract New Movers


While databases allow companies to directly reach new movers, there are other ways to target them that aren’t as direct but are just as effective. Businesses can market by strategically placing advertisements in areas they’re most likely to visit.

Right after moving, people will often visit grocery stores and retail stores for obvious reasons. They’ll have to restock their refrigerators and buy common household items that weren’t worth hauling on the moving truck.

As they will be looking for a host of services once the move. Timing is critical. For example, if they see an advertisement for a doctor or dentist in the grocery store, then they will be significantly more likely to go with that particular practice. But it’s important they see the ad immediately after moving. Otherwise, it will be too late!


6 Helpful New Mover Marketing Tips


1. Targeting

To reach them, campaigns must be strategically targeted. This requires careful planning and consideration, and for direct mail campaign requires complete and current database information.

2. Building Trust

They are more cautious.  New residents won’t respond as well to overly “salesy” ads and marketing techniques. Being honest and straightforward in your copy will be more effective in the long run.

3. Showing up Late

New movers are time sensitive. After a few months, they won’t be new anymore. They’ll be just plain ol’ residents—residents with established customer loyalties. If your ad reaches them months after their move, it’s too late. The party is over.

4. The Welcome Boost

The best way to market to new movers is to make them feel welcome. Showing them what is available in their community is a great way to ease their transition and help new movers settle. Direct mail marketing campaigns can take special advantage of this concept through personalized “welcome to the neighborhood” ads and specials.

5. Enticing Offers

Marketing is only as successful as an offer is appealing. The best way to reach new movers—and knew clients in general—is to offer them a good or service at a great deal. This is especially effective through direct mail advertising. Giving a new resident something free is the perfect housewarming gift. It’s a gift that will keep on giving back to your business.

6. Make a Plan and Stick to It

Once you’ve settled on a new mover marketing strategy, stick to your plan, even if you aren’t seeing immediate results. It may take a few weeks or months for the new movers to unpack, settle in, and explore their new community.

Ready to Target New Movers?

If you are considering a marketing strategy to target New Movers, ShopperLocal has several resources to help, through databases and strategic advertising.

Near Direct maintains databases on new movers and can send direct mail marketing. Register Tape Network and Adcart strategically place your advertisements in supermarkets and national retailers where new movers are most likely to visit right after making their move.