Is Shopping Cart Advertising a Good Fit for Your Business?

October 24, 2016

Shopping Cart Advertising They’re prominent and purposeful, and people push them for several hours every week. But have you considered the trusty shopping cart as a vehicle of advertising?
Shopping carts are outfitted with billboards on the front and rear on the child seat that display a business’s ad with a full color picture. A list of common groceries and aisles help guide shoppers through the store.

Shopping cart advertising allows businesses to target a local demographic in a high-traffic hub full of primary purchasers and decision makers.  For many local businesses, grocery shoppers are ideal customers to target.


How Does Shopping Cart Advertising Work?


This advertising medium allows local companies to take advantage of the large-scale, national advertising efforts of major supermarkets in their community. Most supermarkets average 15,000 to 30,000 shoppers each week, and this base overlaps with several local businesses. Companies benefit from the strong branding and solid reputations supermarkets build to attract such high volumes of customers.

Adcart works with businesses to determine the best location to display the company’s custom-designed, full color advertising billboard on shopping carts. There is currently a network of 16 supermarket chains in 33 states where the ads can be displayed.

The company, a division of ShopperLocal, currently holds patents for this shopping cart advertising system, which can display ads on three different placements on any shopping cart.

Because communities are so closely tied to grocery stores, they are great locations for targeted, direct advertising. Grocery shoppers are major economic players who can impact the success of many businesses.


What Types of Businesses Benefit the Most from Shopping Cart Advertising?


Real Estate

Real estate has a local customer base effectively reached through Adcart’s advertising medium. Most real estate agents build their brand through word of mouth recommendations, which require building a strong reputation in their community. When people are moving, real estate agents want to be the person their community turns to. Shopping cart ads makes this happen.


Supermarkets are great places to advertise for insurance because the household’s primary decision maker often does the grocery shopping and most insurance companies serve a primarily local customer base. With targeted, local ads insurance companies can make more connections more quickly.


Hospitals must build a reputation of exceptional care within their community to be successful. Presenting a strong image in the local community is important to forming such a respected reputation and build their patient base.

Auto Dealer

Auto dealers work with drivers. Most people drive to supermarkets, and when grocery store shoppers are looking to upgrade their ride, it’s important to be the dealership on their mind.

Financial Advisor

Key decision and budget makers shop at supermarkets—they’re the people most likely to seek financial advice. Financial advisors can experience tremendous benefits from just being recognized. Repeat exposure builds solid report, greater trust, and attracts new clients.


What Types of Businesses is Shopping Cart Advertising Not a Good Fit for?


B-to-B Businesses

Businesses that market to other businesses won’t benefit as much from local advertising. Their target demographic most likely won’t be found in grocery stores. However, local businesses that serve other local businesses will still benefit from a targeted, local advertising strategy.

Hotels and Lodges

Businesses with non-local customers, like hotels, will find broader advertising strategies to be more effective. Other mediums—Internet ads especially—will reach more out-of-towners looking for a place to stay.

Businesses far from supermarkets

You must be located within a fairly close proximity of a supermarket for Adcart to work. Businesses far from one of Adcart’s partner supermarkets will find this advertising medium less effective, and like hotels, these businesses will benefit from other forms of more far-reaching advertising, especially digital methods.

Wrong demographic

Not all businesses serve the supermarket demographic. Like B-to-B businesses, if a business has corporate clients who aren’t local, Adcart will not be as effective. If you’ve seen a client in the supermarket checkout line, shopping cart advertising is a great option for your business.


Is Shopping Cart Advertising Right For Your Business?

Shopping cart advertising builds brand recognition through sustained and repeat ad exposure in the central part of a community.

Being seen is central to the success of any business, but it’s not about being seen just anywhere. Expensive ad campaigns, commercials, and highway billboards may get your business noticed, but not by the right people. Shopping cart ads are great for local business because they target your advertising to the people most likely to use your services.

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